Cool suburb Pigneto in Rome and Street Style

We’ve done a few posts about our Creative Director’s favourite Roman suburb of Esquilino, but really there’s always been another suburb that’s a very close Number 2 and that’s Pigneto. If ever there’s a Roman suburb that can be classified as cool, almost hip in the way that many English speaking countries use those terms, it would be Pigneto. The main difference? Pigneto’s version of cool doesn’t reek of the same commercialism and mass appeal.

Pigneto recently has benefited from having its own designated Metro stop which has really upped its accessibility to the rest of Rome, and it’s a rather squeaky clean underground train station, a rather stark contrast to the graffiti heavy streets and lanes that greet you when you ascend up to the street level from the station.

Besides the graffiti, you’ll also notice straightaway the abundance of cafes, bars and restaurants at every corner, which immediately give non-locals the first glimpse of its lifestyle, vibe and appeal. But far from being overrun by tourists, the people that frequent these F&B outlets are the local workers, students, mums and dads waiting for their kids to finish school at the one nearby and artistic creatives. The vibe is one of a community, a village of residents who know they’re living in a piece of Rome that is quite unique.

It’s so easy to pull up a chair at a cafe, order a pasta and coffee and just watch the locals go about their business, enjoy the tranquility and personal space away from the the touristy Centro Storico of Rome. And it helps that prices at the food outlets, cafes and restaurants in Pigneto tend to be lower than the touristy parts of Rome, so you can order a little more, linger over another cup of espresso or a tiramisu.

Talking about cafes in Pigneto, you can’t go on without mentioning Bar Necci dal 1924. The famed hangout of film director Pier Paolo Pasolini who shot his 1961 iconic classic Accattone in Pigneto, it occupies a special place in the heart of local residents, both young and old. Yes, it’s got a very different vibe compared to when it first stated in in 1924, but it’s outdoor courtyard has been its major appeal, along with its great selection of meals, drinks, cocktails and desserts. Open early to late, its morning clientele differs greatly from its evening crowd, so depending on the time of day that you visit, it just doesn’t feel staid.

We can go on and on about Pigneto, we think we’ll leave that to another post, as we’re sure that our Creative Director will be making another trip there soon, which means more new pictures to share right here.

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