Sneak Peek: Project Pigneto in Rome

We’re going to keep this post very brief because our so called Project Pigneto in Rome has been temporarily suspended since March 2020 due to the travel restrictions and difficulties of not being able to physically travel to Rome from Melbourne to oversee the final stage of the project.

We’re not saying what exactly the project is, but our readers know that we’re fans of the Roman suburb of Pigneto, we’ve posted about it before HERE. We’re just going to share some snaps of the building where the project is taking place. Until Australia lifts the ban on all outgoing and incoming travel, there is no way we can make progress on the project. It is very frustrating as the project has been in limbo for close to 2 YEARS already. We’re just glad that we started it before the pandemic, it’s our project and we’re extremely proud of it. In the meantime, we revisit these pictures now and then to remind us, that the completion will be great and very worth it. Watch this space.



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