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Good ideas don’t have to come expensive and we’re proving it with our idea to help small businesses get expert marketing advice for the price of a cup of coffee.

This is how it works. Our Creative Director Alvin Chia loves to frequent Melbourne’s top cafes every week to resolve the marketing problems of our clients over a cup or two of coffee. If you have a marketing-related problem, all you need to do is catch him at his hangout and get his advice. Here’s what you do:

  1. Pick your preferred coffee place from his favourites below
  2. Email us a date and time at
  3. And just turn up at his table like it wasn’t pre-arranged (hint: he’s the one with the old school, round flippy sunglasses).

Bring your questions, marketing plans, drawings, mockups and marketing copy for him to review. If you’re happy with his feedback and ideas, just shout him a cup of coffee. Otherwise, he’ll shout you a cup of coffee instead. How’s that for satisfaction guaranteed?

And then you can go off and fix up whatever marketing conundrum that has been troubling you. We only ask that you credit or acknowledge us with a testimonial if you do use his ideas. Other than that, it’s really just the price of a cup of coffee that you’ve paid.

Take your pick of Creative Director Alvin Chia’s favourite coffee joints:

Good ideas and good coffee, it’s a match made in marketing heaven, we think. Email us at (if you can give us a couple of days notice before your preferred date that would be appreciated, and hope you can understand that we have to keep the meeting to approximately an hour.)

If you are not located in Melbourne, we would still like to help you with your marketing problems. Simply email us and we will get back to you with our ideas via email sans the cup of coffee.

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