Throwback: Behind the scenes at Hermès At Work Exhibition

One of the biggest project highlights in 2018 has got to be our Creative Director’s involvement in the Hermès At Work exhibition in Melbourne during Melbourne Fashion Festival.

It’s commonly called an exhibition but it’s more an interactive experience as the exhibition has specially flown in the Parisian artisans who make the beautiful and sought after creations by the esteemed Parisian fashion house. In the exhibition, people can observe how the scarves, leather accessories like bags, belts are made.

The part our creative director played in the exhibition is bringing together the team of artisans and the experienced team of hairdressers from top Melbourne hair salon Rakis on Collins. For the media and VIP launch of the exhibition the day before the exhibition opened to the public, the artisans had to put their top skills on display and therefore their best face forward. Here come the creative hairdressers and stylists from Rakis on Collins, under their expert hands, of course that was going to be easily achieved.

Our Creative Director through months of preparation and coordination with the Hermès head office management in Sydney, executed this part of the exhibition. He assembled and led the team of hairdressers from Rakis on Collins, met all the artisans, went backstage with the hairdressers at the historic venue Melbourne Town Hall in the CBD, before seeing the exhibition for himself. And we had to pinch ourselves, it’s with Hermès!

All the excitement, buzz and of course hard work, you can catch a glimpse from our pictures below.


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