Welcome gifts for our new Concept Studio guests

As we mentioned in earlier posts, we always make the extra effort to prepare a different range of welcome gifts for our new guests in our #ConceptStudio, it’s part of the concept/experience for the studio apartment. For our newly arrived guests in July, we’ve looked into our “treasure trove” of marketing samples, freebies, gifts and other bargain buys during sales, to put together the following in a welcome package, left it at the reception of the building for the newly arrived guests to pick up. We hope they like our selection, which is based on the below criteria:

Design – We want to present gifts that will add to the style element of the #ConceptStudio, preferably with brands that are on-trend and fit the urban lifestyle of a studio apartment in Melbourne CBD. On this occasion, we’ve picked some funky fridge magnets presented in a cute metal tin from cult Italian brand Seletti that our guests can use to customise the look of the fridge in the studio.

Affordable – Hey, there’s no point presenting gifts that are exorbitant, the #ConceptStudio is all about budget accommodation at top value for money, just like we won’t go hang a massive ballroom sized chandelier with Swarovski crystals in our studio! We know exactly the value proposition of the #ConceptStudio. So if the guests ever want to buy the same items for themselves or for friends, they know the items are definitely within budget, like the funky green rhino eraser that will be perfect on the desk.

Functional and practical – Yes, we do receive many freebies, samples through our marketing work, but we only pick the items that will add value to the way the guests use the #ConceptStudio. For example, we’ve thrown in a generic foldable bag, in the style of those Longchamp nylon totes, that the guests can use as an extra bag to carry files, folders or even a lunch box to the office. The mug, well, who doesn’t need a mug that’s specially designed in Melbourne?

Fit within the design and lifestyle of the Concept Studio – Notice how there’s a lot of green in the choice of items? We’ve clearly made a conscious decision that the items will complement the green feature wall in the #ConceptStudio, no clashing of colours here!

Of course, we hope that the new tenants will stay on for a long time, but we’re already shortlisting the items for the next guests. That’s the thing with us and the #ConceptStudio, we’re always ahead, what other fancier and cool items will go into the welcome package next time? Well, why not come stay with us and you’ll find out!

Unit 911 268 Flinders Street Melbourne Ideas Dispenser Concept Studio For Rent Gift

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