Milk Jamm: Small business, big on flavour and customer engagement

We seem to keep crossing paths with business owners located in the hip northern suburbs of Melbourne. First it was Jorge Viota Hairdressing in Brunswick East; this time it’s Milk Jamm, a bakery cafe located on the cooler than the vintage silk bomber jacket worn on the average hipster on 280 Smith Street in Collingwood. Long story short, we became acquainted with Manny the owner of Milk Jamm through a non-marketing related exchange, but his enthusiasm for his business is very clear, and very infectious.

At our first meeting, he was sharing about his business and the lovely pastries he makes. And then a few days later, at a second meeting, he rocked up, to our surprise, with a big box full of his top pastries, such as custard donuts for us to sample and enjoy. If that enthusiasm mixed with huge doses of generosity and a sharing spirit doesn’t warm you up on a freezing Melbourne winter’s day, maybe try popping down into Milk Jamm 280 Smith Street and see if the ambience is just what you need.

Milk Jamm 280 Smith Street Collingwood Custard donuts coffee bakery cafe

Milk Jamm exterior Smith Street Collingwood bakery cafe

Manny’s bakery cafe isn’t your hipster haven; rewind a few years before the whole hipster movement, and recall how Aussie bakery cafes were REALLY like: authentic. Sure, there are some glass jar pendant lamps and subway tiles used, but they’re just the backdrop and are not meant to be conversation starters. It’s all about the pastries in Manny’s house, and that’s the subject we think Manny prefers his customers’ conversations to be about.

On that note, let’s just say you will talk and keep coming back for the custard donuts, generous with the creamy filling, but not too sweet to the palate so you can easily go for second or third helping. The macarons are great (and good value) too as they’re definitely not the teeny ones that you get from other patisserie, especially those “big name” ones.

Since penning this post, we’ve made 3 visits in less than 2 months, it’s those custard donuts! Anyway, thanks to Manny, Conny and the Milk Jamm team, now we’re hooked and we’re sure you’ll be too.  Oh, the pastries are as good at home with takeaway, did you really think we would leave Milk Jamm empty handed after our review above?

Milk Jamm for takeaway at home custard donuts macaron

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