Putting the concept into our Concept Studio, 268 Flinders Street

We’ve done a few posts on our #ConceptStudio but there is one aspect that we think we need to elaborate: the concept bit. Honestly, you can easily sum up the place as a funky B&B, a restyled rental studio, a budget pied de terre in Melbourne CBD on 268 Flinders Street. So where’s the “concept” part? Well, it’s in the hand-picked gifts that we give to our guests, gifts that will help to enhance their stay (and their lives) in the #ConceptStudio, but also represent some of the most exciting and stylish brands available in Melbourne.

Our first guests received toiletries from Thank You, a journal from Archie Grand and a Typo laundry bag. They’re all meant to accessorise the #ConceptStudio as they’re all cool products but also serve a functional purpose in the studio. Our latest gifts include these covetable Italian designed Seletti tea and coffee saucer sets. Wonder which of our guests will be the lucky recipient of them?

Seletti teacup and saucer set
With every new guest, we will present different products and brands, depending on the season, the time of the year or what’s on trend, so the gifts will never be the same for every tenant. But one thing ties them all: they will always be things that we would buy ourselves if we were living in the #ConceptStudio.

If the guests love the gifts enough to want them as presents for their friends or family, they will be glad to know the items will be affordably priced. The #ConceptStudio is about stylish, budget conscious living, we would never recommend products that are incompatible with the values of the #ConceptStudio.

So we’re always on the look out for new brands and products, which is why we’re open to collaborate if you’re a designer, artist, illustrator or a new brand. We want to do MORE with your products than just gifting them. We’re a small enterprise, let’s help each other through marketing, using the #ConceptStudio as a platform to create greater exposure.

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