Event report: Menske X MITT Studio Talks

We recently attended a menswear talk hosted by our fave menswear Sydney based phototographer/blogger Giuseppe Santamaria of Men in this Town fame as a part of Menske‘s Winter Selection 2015 weekend program. The talk featured three Melbourne menswear and accessories designers who shared their insights, inspirations and challenges to being an  dependent designer aiming to achieve ‘Designed in Melbourne/Made in Melbourne’ while going against the wave of fast fashion giants landing on Aussie shores. (In the opening picture above, from left to right: Giuseppe Santamarina @meninthistown, Blair Archibald @blairarchibald, Ray Willmoth @fortisgreenapparel, Tom Farrah @farrahdesign)

Menske Winter 2015 pop up space

Menske Winter 2015 Farrah Design leather

Menske Winter 2015 men's suiting

Menske Winter Selection 2015  X Men in this Town #MITT Talks

Notable quotes from the talk included such insights, if fashion in the state that it is today is indeed dead, then there’s hope for independent designers to shine. Very candid also for the designers to admit that they’re still trying to understand social media in the promotion of their brands.

Most refreshing is the designers admitting that behind the scenes, it’s really hard work, with Melbourne manufacturers making it hard for them to produce small quantities by imposing minimum orders; refusing to give them ‘a go’ as they’re not big labels.

Overall, it’s a rare opportunity for us to catch Sydney-sider Giuseppe in Melbourne and to come face to face with local Melbourne creatives where their products and wares (we love the leather cuff links by Farrah Design and the neckerchief that Ray of Fortis Green Apparel wore) really shine as much as their infectious enterprising spirit. We look forward to Menske’s next edit in summer.

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