Copywriting 101: Analogies

Marketing people are always challenged to find simple ways to express difficult concepts. Whether it’s saying it in a print, TV, radio or online ad, or saying it with words or pictures, there is one handy marketing tool that you and I already know, and that’s using analogies.

You’ve seen it before in romantic Hollywood films where you have the female lead trying to explain the meaning of love to a kid using the analogy of a fairytale such as Cinderalla. The TV series Sex and the city was particularly good at using analogies to describe the tricky tribulations of love for the four protagonists in its dialogues.

Most importantly, people are trained to understand analogies through its use in all sorts of literature and media.

So when an email campaign needed Creative Director Alvin Chia in a previous role to explain the reasons why companies should look after their brand on the Internet, just as they would with an intellectual property, he knew it was time to arm himself with a handy analogy. Considering the email campaign below was executed in one of the hottest weeks in the Australian summer, the application of the sunscreen analogy couldn’t be more fitting.

Sunscreen newsletter

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