How Spotlight spun fabrics into fashion

As a part of L’oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival, fabric, upholstery and homewares retailer Spotlight sponsored Style Celebration at Federation Square this afternoon, leveraging on the power of street style blogs by rallying people to turn up in their most creative garb for a chance to be style-hunted and win prizes.

This event presents so many good ideas and provides a neat solution to many marketing challenges facing the retailer such as:
1) How does a retailer not known for fashion position itself as a fashion institution?
2) How does a retailer target a new audience of fashion savvy shoppers?
3) How to put together an event with audience participation and high levels of engagement?
4) How to present value to the attendees of the event?

The event answers all the above questions. And judging by the crowds, they too must think that the event is a good idea.

The event hosts dispensing DIY fashion advice at Federation Square


Activities taking place at the Spotlight stand

Just had to post this photo of the 2 coolest people in the crowd. They’ve put together ideas from Grace Jones, Flashdance and 80s futurism all mashed up in a thoughtful yet effortless look. Some say that fashion is frivolous, but they are the ones who really have no idea

2 of the coolest looking people


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  1. i want them cool shades. i want! but i want an extra pair in fuschia pink…


    • Actually, we at Ideas Dispenser are also curious about the brilliant designer or brand of the sunnies, a pity we didn’t grab the contact details of the two fashion early adopters…


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