The Success Story of the iconic Sandro Paris cardigans

Parisian fashion brand Sandro Paris was already known for their chic, stylish and edgy cardigans for years, but in recent years, their reputation for standout cardigans skyrocketed to stratospheric levels when they launched a beige and black, enlarged checked cardigan named Jisou in 2019, shown below.

Sandro Paris Jisou Cardigan checked Melbourne Chadstone

The Jisou cardigan in simple terms took the world by storm. Constantly sold out, requested in stores, heavily featured and worn on social media, no country was spared its very French, very Parisian chic. All women and we suspect some men wanted to OWN it. Towards the end of 2019, our inside sources tell us, the demand for the Jisou cardigan did not wane at all.


Jisou Cardigan Sandro Paris 2019 side view

The appeal of the Jisou cardigan is very understandable. It looks good on most people, can be matched with anything, and suitable for all ages. In fact, it’s a very classic looking garment, with the gold buttons, pockets, some would even say it’s the descendant of the ubiquitous granny cardigan. But with its oversized fit, enlarged checked pattern, the Jisou elevated itself to an iconic, Sandro Paris classic, recognisable all over the world.

When the Jisou ended production in 2019 and 2020 arrived, the next generation iconic cardigan from Sandro Paris was crowned, it was the houndstooth Dane cardigan below. OMG let the retail shopping frenzy begin.

Dane black white Sandro Paris houndstooth cardigan Chadstone Melbourne


Sandro Paris Dane houndstooth cardigan close up Melbourne Chadstone black white classic

The Dane cardigan naturally got people talking, drawing comparison with the Jisou, but it’s a completely different garment. The smaller houndstooth pattern has a more classic vibe than the Jisou, making it feel more “vintage”. The Dane kept the oversized fit and heavy weight of the Jisou, but that’s where the similarities end. You can’t mistake or confuse the Jisou and Dane, they don’t replace or replicate each other. In fact, we believe many owners of the Jisou also own the Dane cardigan. That’s how with the Jisou and Dane, Sandro Paris has become the go to destination for women’s cardigans. These two cardigans aren’t just iconic; they’ve become collectibles. It’s no longer about how much a woman gets to wear them. They simply must be OWNED.

Just when you think that they can’t outdo the success of the Jisou and the Dane, in 2021, the Dane cardigan is reissued with two brand new colours, that indicates the design and commercial genius of the Sandro Paris design team in Paris. Absolutely yummy colours, irresistible.

Dane houndstooth Sandro Paris Cardigan 2021 pink Chadstone Melbourne


Sandro Paris Dane houndstooth cardigan mint green Chadstone Melbourne

One is pastel pink as blush, the other pastel green as gelato or macaron. We’re happy to say that the new Dane colours have arrived at the Sandro Paris boutique at Chadstone, Melbourne. They sold out over the launch weekend, a small drop has just arrived and will SELL OUT soon.

Images courtesy of Sandro Paris

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