Sandro Paris Mid Season Sale Accessories Top Picks at Chadstone

2021 is becoming a very different year to 2020 for retailers. With many of the pandemic restrictions lifted, shoppers are again hitting the malls, shops and in a much better mindset to be spending. There are now events, gatherings to attend, friends and family to meet, and of course, outfits to buy. As usual, we bring you a retail update from Chadstone, and no surprises, we always end up at Sandro Paris.

This time of the year, they’re in mid season sale mode, and their accessories are excellent value, and great additions to your wardrobe. Here are our top pics:

Olga Drawstring Bucket Leather Bag AUD$238 (RRP AUD$595)

Just one piece left at the the Chadstone boutique, this is an amazingly cute and practical bag. Carry it as a messenger, on the shoulder, a top handle or even a clutch, it just works with any outfit. At this price point, c’mon, you’ll be laughing for years on. BARGAIN in caps.


Knee High Leather Boots AUD$498 (RRP AUD$995)

This choice may not be for everyone, but everyone is most likely lacking a pair of knee high boots in their wardrobe. Ankle boots, yeh, been there, done that. At 50% off, there’s no excuse to add this to your wardrobe.

Astro Chunky Sneakers AUD$273 (RRP AUD$545)

So rare to have the brand’s iconic sneakers go on sale, and at 50% off. The Chadstone boutique only has one pair of Size 36 left. Those of you sneaker Cinderallas in Size 36, go try it on for size quick before the “clock strikes 12” and they’re gone.


Printed Silk Scarf AUD$93 (RRP AUD$185)

Again, silk scarves may not be to everyone’s taste, but for a true French flair to any outfit, throwing on a silk scarf around the neck is one sure way to nail that Parisian look.


Green Suede Thick Belt AUD$140 (RRP AUD$350)

As all shades of green seem to be the colour of choice in 2021, surely a green belt is a MUST HAVE. This suede one is best worn over a long flowing dress, or over a long cardigan. That wraps up our mid season accessories shortlist, let’s go shopping!

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