Venice: O sole mio and more

We had to do a search on our own site to be sure, but we can’t believe we never posted about Venice. Yes, Rome is our all time favourite overseas destination, Paris is our top pick for arts, culture, inspiration, but Venice, where do we start!

Hemingway, Proust, Mann and many more writers have all been touched by the famed floating city. For us, apart from the usual draws like the canals, the biennale, the film festival, the seafood, the gondolas, architecture and carnevale, Venice represents our top city to hide in a rented apartment, overlooking some small canal and write a novel or autobiography. We really can’t think of another city we would be more inspired to be putting pen to paper, yes, we would do it the non-digital way, not typing on a laptop.

Venice landscape Ponte Rialto Bridge
View of the stunning Rialto Bridge (Ponte Rialto) from our gondola

Venice landscape Gondola 4

Venice Landscape Grand Canal 3
Venice’s Grand Canal

And then going for our evening passeggiata around St Mark’s Square or Piazza San Marco, when the lights around the square come up. Che Bella Venezia! Really, if experiencing a flood in Venice where we were trapped in our 3rd floor apartment for 5 hours, unable to step outside our palazzo or risk walking in waist deep water doesn’t put us off Venice, we know it’s a (holiday destination) keeper.

Somehow, we know we will never have enough time for Venice in our lifetime, mainly because Rome and Paris command so much of our time during our holidays, that’s why it’s always with some bittersweet sentiment when we speak about Venice, like we really don’t know when we’ll return.

In the meantime, we have these homemade pictures of our own for reminiscence. Enjoy these pics listening to a rendition of O Sole Mio, the preferred anthem of gondoliers, (and with a huge dose of irreverence or kitsch) sung by boyish Italian teen pop/opera trio il Volo perhaps? LOL

Venice landscape 1 Grand Canal
View of the Grand Canal from the Rialto Bridge (Ponte Rialto)
Venice rooftop view
One of the many rooftop terraces that dot the skyline of Venice

Venice Campanile 1

Venice landscape 2



Venice flood Alta Acqua
A Venetian lane close to Rialto Bridge (Ponte Rialto) flooded during high tide

Now, how can we not include the YouTube video for your “audio pleasure”?

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