Book review: Naples A Way of Love

It’s been a good few years since we visited our favorite country Italy and the absence is making us go mad with withdrawal symptoms! Thank goodness for some books on Italy that we discovered recently which have really helped us feel connected to the arts, fashion, food, design and cultural powerhouse. One of those books is Naples A Way of Love by Carla Coulson and Lisa Clifford.

Naples a way of love bookNaples a way of love book inside pages 3Naples a way of love book inside pages 2

For starters, the book can be summed up as everything you expect of a book on the bel paese and more. Naturally, the pictures are stunning regardless of the subject; scenery, street life, locals, food etc. The little anecdotes that accompany the pictures tell the tales, history, trades, religion, fashion of the locals. From tailors, grocery shop owners, craftsmen, pizza makers, all get equal and heartfelt mention.Naples a way of love book inside pages 1We will take this opportunity to say again, print is far from dead. This book is a clear reminder. Books still have the emotional pull, a certain romance especially when they touch on a universally loved and romanticised subject like the country of Italy. Why not take the coming festive season, pop into a good old bookshop and see what you can find?

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