Direct from Paris: Fashion brand IFWECANNOT BETOGETHER

Have to hand it to our Creative Director who is quite the fan of Instagram to know Parisian fashion designer Claudia Fratini through the social media platform and then get acquainted with her label IFWECANNOT BETOGETHER. For us, Claudia’s Instagram pictures really paint the image of a designer who values fitness, strength and good health, a certain athletic attitude to life (Claudia is on the right, below), and some of these attributes do surface in her fashion label, in the way she expresses her individuality through her designs.

Claudia Fratini and friends

On the website, words like “minimal chic”, “strong” and “avant garde” are used to describe her label/brand. For Claudia, the label is her vision of fashion for a style conscious woman, focused on an unconventional and original mix of textures and contemporary shapes. You’ll find the above attributes in her Autumn/Winter 2015 Collection below.

For Claudia, IFWECANNOT BETOGETHER is a project that unleashes an aesthetic code of minimalism and sportswear looks mixed with inspirations from different sources, ideas, resulting in a range of layered outfits with strong utilitarian, sporty and sophisticated influences.

The strong, robust shapes, sense of movement in the garments, fiercely defying femininity (and dare we say masculinity too) are the defining characteristics, made beautiful in how the clothes articulate these ideals. There’s a lot of drama in the way the materials and fabrics contrast with each other, and the use of the dark but subtly different colours. The IFWECANNOT BETOGETHER woman is a modern urban warrior on the street, fearless in her anonymity of clothing devoid of any conspicuous branding or logos.

We also think that IFWECANNOT BETOGETHER has a huge advantage in our globally competitive fashion market, and that the label can claim to be “Made in Italy”. We know how powerful that is in our current consciousness of objects and their provenance.

At the time this post gets published, Claudia has already completed her Spring/Summer 2016 Collection which we’ll cover in an upcoming post. It’s just a pity, we’ve never had the chance to meet Claudia or visit her showroom, so IFWECANNOT BETOGETHER, isn’t it! When we do, we’re absolutely sure Claudia and her clothes will be much more than what we imagine from pictures. In the meantime, we (as well as everyone) can reach her at the website IFWECANNOT BETOGETHER or follow the label on Instagram, it’s a fascinating glimpse behind the scenes of her exciting label.

Blackout – Agency
2 Rue Capron
75018 Paris – France

P.S. Apart from the collections, we also love the branding that Claudia has created for the label, especially her canvas tote with very simple reverse black text. It’s a tote we would gladly carry around in Melbourne as a walking billboard for her!

If We Cannot Be Together tote bag GROUP



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