Moschino Fresh Perfume: Jeremy Scott’s playfulness “nose” no bounds

The generic description online for “Fresh Couture”, the new fragrance created by Jeremy Scott for Moschino goes a little like this, “This perfume is inspired by the Summer 2016 collection and contains fresh notes of mandarin, bergamot, ylang-ylang, raspberry, patchouli and ambrox.” As if you really care about the ingredients; it’s all about that outrageous bottle!

Let’s be honest, Jeremy Scott has transformed and completely re-contextualised the humble Windex spray bottle in a move that recalls Andy Warhol’s stroke of genius with his Campbell soup cans. It will be polarising. Love it or hate it? For us, it’s got top notes of naughtiness, mixed with middle notes of bold and brash, with fun right at its base.

It should be an idea that gets thrown out in brainstorming sessions and the meetings with stuffy senior stakeholders in boardrooms for any other luxury brand but for some reason at Moschino, the idea breezes right through to our cosmetic counters. That on its own is a feat, we think.

Moschino Fresh Fragrance in Windex spray bottleYou can say whatever you want about it, that it’s a very direct and accessible appropriation of popular (domestic may be more accurate) culture or ordinariness, that it lowers the Moschino brand, but if you examine it as an idea, there is nothing in the consumer market right now that is as irreverent or as direct in its hit-you-between-the-eyes ability to make us question our notions of high versus low fashion/art/design. For us, we absolutely adore it and we think people will hold on to the empty perfume bottles long after they’ve finished the last drop, and long after the whiff of controversy has dissipated.

We also think the perfume provides the unique opportunity for all window cleaning companies as well as retailers (where the Windex bottle is an absolute god send for removing annoying fingerprint marks on shiny counter tops) should be giving their hardworking staff a bottle each for Christmas. It will be the most relevant albeit tongue in cheek gift. Just tell them not to get the bottle confused with the real Windex when they’re at work.

All pictures from, where we choose to shop in Paris.

Moschino Fresh Fragrance in Windex spray bottle with box


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