Auckland ACED it again: In pictures

We’ve been so flat out with our new projects that we’ve only managed to sort out the images from our recent trip to Auckland and it’s the most exciting one the Kiwi city has given us to date. There’s this sense that the city is on the cusp of some massive change and improvement that will see Auckland sky-rocket in popularity, liveability, arts, culture and global standing.

While we take more time to prepare detailed posts about our visit, especially one on the amazing Billy Apple exhibition at the Auckland Art Gallery, here’s our trip in pictures for your pleasant viewing.

Monocle Magazine Auckland New Zealand supplement

Auckland Wyndham Street Sky Tower Skyscraper view

Auckland Vulcan Lane The Occidental Pub

Auckland Kaffeine Cafe

Auckland Barkers shop reception

Auckland Britomart

Auckland Britomart Vertical garden office building courtyardAuckland Britomart Tyler Street Garage restaurant

Auckland Britomart Ortolana restaurant

Auckland Britomart Scenezine magazine Prada pouch

Auckland Art Gallery entrance Artist has to live like everybody

Auckland Art Gallery Billy Apple exhibition IOU SOLD BARTERED

Auckland Art Gallery Billy Apple exhibition

Art Gallery window view of garden

Auckland Art Gallery Billy Apple A brand looking for a product

Auckland Art Gallery Terrace installation bubble

Auckland Art Gallery Bubble installation terrace

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