How to choose the ideal promotional merchandise

We’ve been treated to many gifts before, corporate gifts, freebies from events, trade show stands, product launches, fashion shows through our marketing work so you can say we’ve been spoilt. The good thing about being on the receiving end of all these goodies, it makes us very discerning to what makes an outstanding, useful and memorable gift.

When we finally had the chance to propose a gift, a leave behind for a corporate trade show stand, we were glad that it was snapped up, not without helping to generate lots of incoming foot traffic to the stand, on site conversations and sales leads at the stand. What is it l? It’s the 80s cube puzzle.

It looks really smart next to the rest of our cool desk accessories, don’t you think? We imagine that to be the case of all those corporate big wigs that picked one up, and if it’s also sitting on their desks, we think it’s doing a fine job with generating brand recall.

Promotional Merchandise Rubiks Cube

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