Space saving tip for our Concept Studio: Daiso vacuum bags

It doesn’t have to suck living in a small space like our #ConceptStudio. Keeping things neat and tidy in a small apartment can be challenging but it really is about being organised and picking up after yourself, which is why we really recommend our guests and tenants to grab the vacuum air tight storage bags from Daiso to help them get organised while living in our #ConceptStudio.

As you exit from the ground floor of our #ConceptStudio on 268 Flinders Street, turn left and walk literally five steps, turn right and up the escalators you’ll arrive at Daiso at 276 Flinders Street. Everything is $2.80.

Daiso Australia Flinders Street Melbourne

Daiso Australia vacuum sea storage bags

The space underneath the double bed in our #ConceptStudio is perfect for hiding these vacuum storage bags, so is the space above the wardrobe. As Melbourne has four seasons, these vacuum bags are perfect for storing off-season clothes that you don’t wear, so the wardrobe space is reserved strictly for clothes that are worn regularly. As our #ConceptStudio is equipped with a vacuum cleaner, all our guests/tenants need to worry about is how many of the vacuum bags they need to buy, plus they’re reusable too, they will come in handy when they’re moving house, going on holidays, overseas. To our #ConceptStudio guest, we say go pick up a few and happy packing!

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