The state of marketing in Singapore

So what’s it like doing marketing in Singapore? Sure it was fast-paced, eventful and full of colourful characters in the marketing, publishing, lifestyle and fashion industries, but it’s no postcard-perfect holiday.

Vintage Singapore postcards

As one of our Singaporean colleagues shared with us, a marketer in Singapore has a lifestyle that’s “all the style, none of the life!” Here are our own Top 10 marketing observations in Singapore for an added dose of reality check.

#10 – Telemarketers are not as aggressive as those in Australia. We only got 2 calls in 10 months. Now that’s a good thing!

#9 – Overheard in the office: “Some marketers cannot hold a decent conversation”. Really, we’ve met some marketers who seem to be petrified of talking and just wonder how they’re going to keep their jobs.

#8 – Never use/mention someone’s brand name without their consent. We thought this is common sense, maybe not so in Singapore!

#7 – Just because you hold an event, it doesn’t mean people will rock up. Events don’t “run by themselves”!

#6 – Do the ROI test please. If numbers don’t add up, why spend and waste the marketing budget?

#5 – Don’t kow tow to everything that the client wants, if it’s at the expense of your own brand.

#4 – Look after your interns, because your paths may cross again and they may have surpassed you then. The young ones are bright these days.

#3 – We’ve also seen our share of marketing managers that have no time to mentor their assistants or executives, therefore allowing their juniors to say some very inappropriate things or make incredible claims.

#2 – Shock shock horror horror, we’ve seen emails in Singapore with no unsubscribe link! Spam Act people!

#1 – If your marketing team/department is a one man show, tell management to “get real” about the objectives/results.

Have we been too harsh? Are the above any different from the state of marketing in Australia? Let us know what you think with your comments.Ideas Dispenser

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