How to get snappy at a photo wall

Every shopping mall in the world is now facing the challenge of increasing foot traffic with the impact of online shopping, which is why having engaging fringe activities at malls are more important than ever to draw crowds.

When we were asked to execute a photo wall at a prestigious shopping mall in Singapore that’s full of designer brand boutiques, high street stores and numerous food outlets, we knew that getting foot traffic wasn’t the problem; it’s how to get people to stop, engage with the photo wall and post their pictures on Instagram. People are zooming past, rushing off somewhere, who’s going to take notice?

So we left nothing to chance and organised our own mob of online followers in Singapore to turn up and create a scene at the photo wall, as we believe, you need a crowd to attract more crowds. So that’s what we did and below are the results.







P.S. Thanks to Instagrammers @gideeeon, @shahreenbecks, @elizabethboon, @daleyeoh, @satirical_imp, @sakinah_meyers for their help! Ideas Dispenser

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