Getting back into the (Melbourne) groove

A year isn’t such a long time to be away from Melbourne, but it’s enough time for us to reflect on the differences in culture and lifestyle of Melbourne and the countries that we’ve visited overseas. So what struck us most about being back in Melbourne? As featured previously on our Twitter feed, here’s our official:

10 signs we're back in Melbourne

#10 – We’ve got Triple J on the radio, watching old school 80s music videos on Rage on Friday nights.

#9 – Getting a proper cup of cappuccino any time of the day at any cafe.

#8 – We prefer to go outdoors instead of hiding in an overly air conditioned mall.

#7 – Reading subtitles while watching foreign films on SBS, the multicultural TV station or when Julia Zemiro breaks into French on Rockwiz.

#6 – Getting compliments from strangers about something you’re wearing. Insecure? Not the citizens of this city. They’re fully aware of their tall poppy syndrome.

#5 – Preferring to check out old hand me downs at Savers the super recycle store than shopping at the department stores that need to pick up their game.

#4 – The best pasta outside of Italy, none of that overpriced fine dining stuff they call Italian cuisine in Asia.

#3 – Not needing a plastic bag when making purchases, and not getting weird looks from the check out chick for saying so.

#2 – Needing to pass through Flinders Street station to get to most places on public transport.

#1 – Having four seasons in one day (it’s goodbye sweaty humidity and the haze in Singapore!)

So do you agree with us?Ideas Dispenser

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