Where’s the value in promotional products?

It’s increasingly hard for promotional products to justify their place in marketing today when all that people want is the latest iPhone or anything remotely related to Apple. So when a business really wants to leave something of value behind to a customer, what are the things they should look for in a promotional product?

Other marketers may have their own criteria when picking promotional products, but for us we will be looking for:

  • Relevance – the promotional product must express the values of the brand or business
  • Value – it must be something that the customer will use and not chuck out
  • Strong recall – it must aid in reminding the customer of the brand or business. If there is a memorable marketing slogan to accompany the product, that would then make it more effective
  • High visibility – it must be used by the customer in such a way that it has great visibility and impact to others and become a talking point through word of mouth
  • Longevity – the promotional product can be used for a long time and not become outdated

That is why when we came across a miniature candy dispenser, we knew we’ve got our own promotional product.

Mini Candy Dispenser


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  1. hey hey! i was just thinking about this! is this expensive? can help me get one?


  2. Thank you for the information you shared in this article about choosing the right promotional products. I am very much enlightened.


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