“Keys to the Lost and Found hotel room, please?”

Although Australia’s tourism campaigns haven’t been popular in recent years, such as Lara Bingle’s “Where the bloody hell are ya?”, it seems the individual states have had better success with their efforts at promoting tourism. Queensland’s “The best job in the world” campaign won the state many fans all over the world, and it seems Melbourne may have an idea to upstage that.

Lost And Found, an initative by Tourism Victoria is an e-newsletter promoting the hip and happening in Melbourne. Recently, it has launched its own hotel room that can only be described as:

  • The best of Melbourne’s brands and products housed in one room, free for you to browse, sample, listen, sit, sleep on, experience and absorb in your own privacy.
  • A prime Collins Street location in the heart of the city
  • A megamix of Melbourne’s most inspiring musos providing aural stimulation
  • And this is the best part, absolutely FREE to stay

You’ll almost have lived and breathed the best of Melbourne during your stay, even if you choose not to step foot out of the hotel room. Just goes to show that coming up with a creative tourism campaign sometimes takes going back to the basics, and in this case, providing good (and free) hospitality.

Now that we’ve put in a good word for the hotel room, subscribed to the e-newsletter and submitted our request to stay, does that mean we’ll have a better chance to get the keys to the room? Only time will tell, as the promotion ends by August 2010.  To make your reservation, visit www.wearelostandfound.com.au.

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