Urban Legend The Photography Book

We’ve mentioned in an earlier post how everyone loves a photography exhibition. But people love the photography exhibition book even more.

That is why when Creative Director Alvin Chia was managing the fashion photography exhibition Urban Legend in Singapore, it was also a good opportunity to produce an accompanying book that allowed people to remember Alexander Ow’s photography beyond the gallery walls.

With just a limited print run of 1000 copies, it was only available to guests at the launch party of the exhibition. The remaining copies were also distributed to stylists, magazine editors, make-up professionals, past, current and potential clients of the photographer and served to reinforce to them that they are dealing with a photographer that is as established as he is serious about his craft.

As some of the photos were previously published in magazines, in order to freshen up the viewing of these images, Alvin also came up with the idea of having a well-loved Singapore journalist Jason Hahn provide captions to these images to the urban theme of the exhibition.

And with captions like the above, it’s no wonder the images took on an alternative meaning, and that’s the power of words and images together.

In our digital age, this exercise serves to reinforce that print still has its place as a medium for public relations, business development and marketing. But all these reasons pale in comparison to the one most important, that it allows photographs to be appreciated in their full splendour.

Creative Director Alvin Chia would like to thank photographer Alexander Ow and Wizards of Light for entrusting the project to him. It was the perfect parting gift for him before he made his move from Singapore to Melbourne.

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