What’s in a brand name?

In marketing, we don’t really subscribe to the Shakespearean notion that “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet”. Because if a brand name is meant to signify fragrance, then it’s silly and very much less romantic to just call it “Weed”.

That is why it’s really important to take the naming of a brand, a product or a company very seriously. It will really make the job a lot easier for the marketer in terms of promoting the brand in the future.

The founders of Optimising, a new Search Engine Optimisation company in Melbourne, clearly understand the power of having a strong brand. Their brand name says clearly what they want their customers to achieve: optimum results.

Which is why when they approached Ideas Dispenser to help edit and tighten their website content, it was a matter of amplifying the message that their brand name already expressed so well.

Check out the Optimising website to see if their web content speaks as loudly and clearly as their brand.

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