Print media: Our money’s on Monocle

If you’ve not picked up a copy of Tyler Brule’s latest magazine offering, Monocle then it’s time you flicked through its pages and see for yourself if it’s the print product to stand up to the digital generation.

There are heaps of reports predicting the demise of print media, but this is one print publication at Ideas Dispenser that remains indispensable on our desks. We like it for:

1) its reduced size
2) its many special supplements
3) greater use of illustrations than just relying on photography
4) its unique viewpoint
5) daring to cover unpopular (some might even argue obscure) topics and making them interesting to read

6) its design and layout that just says ‘right now’

It’s about time that a print product reverses the doomsday prophecy of print media heading to print purgatory.

Ideas Dispenser believes that with whatever medium, new or old, it’s about relevance and Monocle proves that. Since its launch in 2007, it has continued to target and address an audience for itself. 

Even though there are heaps of praise for the magazine, there are equal number of detractors. Anyone can examine the magazine to death, but mark our words, like Tyler Brule’s previous magazine creation Wallpaper* which in retrospect, many agree that it identifies the spirit of magazines from the late nineties to the noughties, the team at Monocle will be having the last laugh when people will remember the magazine for representing the spirit of the late noughties years from now.

And isn’t that what counts over all the criticisms of its tone of snobbery, pursuit of consumption etc.? That it’s a meaningful product that has made an impact on the media landscape?

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