Swissotel Hotels Press Release

Press Release Writing Tip#1: Write the release as close to the way that you think the journalist or editor would publish it. Because the editorial team gets swamped by so many press releases, the less work they have to do to touch up your release, the better the chances it will get published. Creative Director Alvin Chia learnt that early and fast from the below release he wrote for Swissotel Merchant Court Singapore (and of course, the media used it wholesale, right down to the title).

Rice to the Occasion

SINGAPORE, 21st May, 2003 – Most people will agree that the essence of Duan Wu Jie or Dragon Boat Festival is to instil the notion of gratitude through commemorating the great patriot poet, Qu Yuan. And we at Ellenborough Market Café know something about gratitude as well.

That is why for Duan Wu Jie, to thank our guests for their support and to celebrate the festival, we have introduced, for the first time and only for a limited period only, our very own Nonya Rice Dumplings.

Wrapped with pandan leaves in the traditional fashion and made with lean minced pork, held in the core by sweetened glutinous rice and steaming with the fragrance of spices such as coriander powder and black ground pepper, our rice dumplings are prepared with the same culinary expertise that have made Ellenborough Market Café synonymous with the best of Straits Chinese cuisine, ensuring that our regular patrons will not be disappointed.

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