Getinfunky with Jamiroquai

To launch Ideas Dispenser, its creators have had to walk a rather interesting path of journalism, advertising, marketing, photography and public relations to get to where they are today. Below is an extract from an article by Creative Director Alvin Chia, who had the good fortune to interview Jay Kay from Jamiroquai 2002 in Singapore.

Beyond cosmic girls and space cowboys:
Getinfunky with Jamiroquai

Jay Kay stopped over in Singapore for their ‘A Funk Odyssey’ Asian tour and gave the local press a year’s supply of quote-worthy banter and repartee. Alvin Chia was there and reports that there is no taming the Buffalo Man in all his effervescence and irreverence.

You once said you were a kid at heart. How old do you feel now?

I’m lucky because the job that I do keeps me young and keeps me moving around, it is a physical job. To be honest with you, I don’t feel much older than when I was 21 or 22. Things change, I used to be a bit wild and I’ve gone down a bit, but people who retain an element of youth in them live longer and happier lives.

You’ve got 2 dogs, Luger and Titan?

There’re there for the English media journalists, specifically trained to attack people from the Sun and News of the World.

Are you driving any car in Singapore?

Baby, I’m not driving any car. If I drive my car here I will be arrested within seconds I’m sure. I will be double the speed limit. Unfortunately, I have to wait until I get home. I have terribly jittery hands, I need a clutch and a gear stick somewhere.

Which car are you driving back home in the UK?

I’m driving a 360 Spider Ferrari at the moment, silver one, it’s a special loan from the factory and I happen to know the chairman of Ferrari fairly well, which is good, because I’ve bought enough cars off him. I’m on the list at the moment for the F 60 and I will be one of the first 5 people to receive it.

What do you think of the current culture of music?

There is a lot of … real rubbish. This culture of … taking 5 guys, you know there is Mark, Michael, Jeffrey, Philip and Richie … we’re going to put you all together even though you don’t know each other. And we’re going to put you guys into some nice long coats. You’ve got a choice of black leather, black cotton or black wool, put you all together there … and you can ooh and ah and sit on some stools and make sure you keep those girls screaming. We’ve got stools on stage too (laughs) but not for an hour and a half!

Your eclectic fashion sense with big hats and trainers is quite phenomenal.

Of course I didn’t know I had any style…to be honest, I spent a good few years being a really scruffy kind of guy, what I used to wear in the street, I just walked onto the stage and that has not really changed much. I’m not kind of one of those people that can get too glittery because I’m moving around, it’s gotta be about comfort than style, if I felt uncomfortable, I find it very difficult to do what I do.


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  1. I often read your blog, i think you are a good writer, keep us posted


  2. You have a lot of interesting articles here, but you must improve your blog design


    • Thank you for the comments, we appreciate your feedback both good and bad because they help us to improve what we may have overlooked.

      But it’s a big consolation to us that there’re people who enjoy reading the blog. To borrow an analogy from theatre, there’s nothing worse than going on stage to an empty audience. So for us, at least we know that people are “watching” us, and we may not know how big the audience is, but because of them the show will go and we’ll strive to do better with each performance.


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