Lockdown BARGAINS at Sandro Paris Chadstone, Absolute Stylist Picks

We know from inside sources that even in lockdown, people in Melbourne are shopping, spending huge especially online. Yes, popping into shops isn’t encouraged right now, but if you happen to live close to Chadstone or need to run an errand at Chadstone and you’re up for a quick “duck in and out”, “grab and go” treat, then read below for our roundup of the BEST BARGAINS that we’ve spotted at Sandro Paris at their Chadstone boutique during this lockdown.

Some items are not available online, have limited pieces left or even the last piece left, but all are on sale, stylist approved, specially chosen for their character, ability to mix and match, not blah pieces. Most importantly, excellent value.

Sandro Paris Safari Shirt Jacket in camel with details – AUD$312.50

This is a hugely underrated safari shirt-style jacket. But you can still wear it as a shirt also, tucked into high waisted pants or jeans. This garment gets a mention here because Australian women in generally don’t seem to get its appeal. Its appeal is safari desert chic, utilitarian, sand dunes, sand in your toes, vintage YSL vibe. Its DNA is really more Parisian Haussmanian Boulevard than Bondi. But that’s exactly the reason YOU should consider getting it. You’re the unique woman, with enough personality to rock this item of clothing and stand out on the street, right?

Sandro Paris Cora genuine suede belt – AUD$68.00

Ok, we can be honest, this belt is on this list due to a large part for is price tag. Seriously, it’s unbelievably GOOD. The dull, ordinary shopper will dismiss the belt’s colour and embellishment (along with the price) because they don’t know how to wear colour on the waist or hips. This is where we come in. Reddish – orange will go perfectly with dark demin or khaki pants or even shorts. The Australian summer is just months away. If the size fits, you can even cinch the waist of a summery dress with it. C’mon at $68.00, what are you waiting for? The Chadstone store only has one last piece in Size Medium.

Sandro Paris Puffy Sleeve Black Tie Front Dress – AUD$258.00

Puffy sleeves have been on trend for seasons and years now. And if you find that it’s a style that’s not really you, or you’ve tried a few dresses before and they didn’t work on you, this one may be your best chance because:

  1. The puffiness of the sleeves isn’t that dramatic. Most have avoided buying this style because the sleeves have been way too balloon-y. This dress fortunately isn’t.
  2. Most puffy sleeve dresses in the shops tend to come in bright quirky colours. Bright quirky colours on their own don’t go down well with most women already, when you add puffy sleeves, it makes the situation worse. This dress, is in black. Everyone loves a black dress, and one with puffy sleeves, isn’t that much to accept.

Our advice is, make this the ONLY puffy sleeve item in your wardrobe, so at least you’re not missing out on the trend altogether. The puffy sleeves do add a lot of impact to the wearer. Even when the whole puffy sleeves trend deflates, because it’s in black, we’re sure it will still deserve the occasional wear in the next few years or so.

Sandro Paris Rust Coloured Suit – Blazer AUD$389.00 / Pants AUD$237.00

We don’t want to hear the objections, “a suit is very formal”, “it reminds me of office wear” or “it’s very masculine”. Excuses of the timid dresser aka woman lacking confidence. A suit is the best act of rebellion in fashion. And when presented in this outstanding terracotta colour, is masterful fashion design.

Wear it to work on a casual Friday, if it still exists, the colour alone will show that you’re not to mess around with. Wear it on a weekend with a vintage tee, that just shows your street style cred. Wear the jacket and pants separately, they’re both standout items of clothing on their own. Again, limited quantities and sizes left at the Chadstone boutique.

Sandro Paris World Tour T Shirt – $AUD73.00

A little like the belt above, the price stands out first, just incredible value. But it’s also the combination of colours, its happy summery vibe as a warm weather staple that made us single this piece out. Great under a denim jacket or a navy blazer, it’s the perfect mood lifter.

Sandro Paris Black Wide Leather Belt with Studs – AUD$155.00

Again, the price, OMG for a thick leather belt, the price is amazing value. Most will agree, yes a wide leather belt is a wardrobe essential for wearing around the waist or high waisted with dresses. We’ll up the ante here, wear it over a blazer to cinch the waist, especially effective if it’s a slightly oversized blazer. You’ll look like you’re front row at Paris Fashion Week. Need we say more? Yes, we do because during these pandemic times, below are steps we recommend you to take:

1) Browse the collection online first at www.sandro-paris.com.au, you don’t have to waste time and risk unnecessary social interaction/exposure by browsing leisurely in store

2) CALL AND COLLECT – Call the boutique at (03) 9569 0464, and ask if the styles, garments and sizes are available. If  they are, then proceed to …

3) Make an appointment in the boutique to collect and pay. Or if you’re not in a rush, request to try on the clothes to confirm the size.

4) All the above should take no more than 30 minutes to do, in fact, you should be able to dash in and out of the boutique in about 5 – 15 minutes maximum.

During these pandemic times, the Sandro Paris team truly thank you for following the above instructions and for your support. We’ve always supported the team there and are personally acquainted with them for years, we want to wish them the best during these challenging times.

Images courtesy of Sandro Paris

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