Sandro Paris Spring/Summer 2020 collection at Chadstone

We keep posting about Sandro Paris year after year (yes, we even shop at their Rome boutique shown in the snap above, not only in Melbourne), and keep shopping there not only for the usual reasons, its fashionable, stylish clothes, but also for one BIG factor. Their designs continue to be relevant to the times. Everyone can agree, 2019 was a mess of a year in terms of world affairs, global economy, and in Australia, there’s the forest fires which garnered the country global attention. In such moody times, it’s such as relief to find the Spring Summer 2020 collection from Sandro Paris to be so colourful, positive and uplifting. In short, absolute feel-good clothes (read: relevant).

Check out our top picks from the latest drop into the Chadstone boutique below. The brand’s cardigans have been an absolute winner last year, and they continue their winning streak with this pastel, “clear blue skies” toned design.

We think this beige cropped jacket is going to be a Sandro Paris classic in many years to come. The black trimming plus use of vintage look gold buttons give this garment the oomph to put it on the must-buy, must keep category. Its dress up or dress down potential is huge. It will go with everything, because it is so well designed, timeless, we’ll just stop talking about it and start wearing it ourselves! Moving on, here are a few more of our favourites.

In recent collections, Sandro Paris has been doing collegiate style extremely well. This blue number above, a continuation, will surely do well, and you can’t get any more French than that blue, white, red combination. We’re packing this on our next trip to Paris.

The SMILEY sweat shirt is indeed a collaboration piece, the collaboration also features two T shirts with the SMILEY logo against a white base top. Perfect underneath a checked blazer, denim jacket or solid coloured cardigan, just let that SMILEY logo pop!

Yes, times are tough, but chin up, put a SMILEY (pun fully intended) on your face. Go hit the Sandro Paris boutique at Chadstone where we normally shop, give the retail industry a boost and buy a few of these, wear them heaps, let your outfits go crazy on social media with the hashtags #chadstone and #sandroparis and spread the positivity!

Product and model images courtesy of Sandro Paris. Merci beaucoup!

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