Visit to La Ménagère in Florence, Italy

We’re so excited to share this post with you as it’s the highlight of our recent trip to Florence, La Ménagère. No, it’s not a typical Florentine renaissance attraction, but a cafe, bistro, retail shop/florist and restaurant all in one. If that’s not impressive enough, the pictures below will show, how great a space it occupies.

We visited on our last day in Florence, we were so glad we squeezed it into our last 24 hours there, but we also wished we had visited days earlier, so we could return for many more! Here goes, benvenuti!

La Ménagère menu on table in Florence

Its huge floor space is filled with so many design flourishes for people to visually digest, we already felt well fed before we even ordered any food for lunch. The menu design, that courtyard/conservatory space, the long cavernous dining room, the vaulted ceilings, the attractive mix of home wares for sale, there’s so much to visually take in. But let’s get to lunch, we walked by the bistro area (below), got seated in the restaurant area for lunch, and picked up our menus.

La Ménagère Bistro view in Florence

La Ménagère vaulted ceiling in Florence

After ordering our food, we couldn’t resist going round the space with our camera and just snapping away. The real appeal of the space is really a sense that you’re in a place that’s truly SUPER HOT right now. The mix of old and new, vintage/heritage done with a very noughties touch, cool and chic without being stuffy or intimidating (the service was especially warm), truly lifts Florence, La Ménagère from a great food venue, to a global food, travel and retail destination, that can be said in the same breath as the other global destinations like Colette in Paris and 10 Corso Como in Milan.

La Ménagère skylight conservatory in Florence

La Ménagère restaurant interiors in Florence

La Ménagère skylight with vintage pendant lamps in Florence

Special mention to the many vintage and quirky lamp shades used through out the space. Mismatched when done boldly with confidence is just a visual delight. Not forgetting the florist, its little corner with blooms, lush leaves just adds an extra freshness that is rarely achieved in food and beverage venues.

La Ménagère dining room tunnel view in Florence

Special mention also to the long dining room above, that will be sensational for special events, or just a gathering of friends for dinner. The sense of depth really helps to add to the grandeur of the space.

We don’t exactly remember the dishes we ordered, but we had a gnocchi dish, a seafood dish, and a dessert that were just exquisitely presented and delightful in taste.


La Ménagère view seated at table in Florence

Although we didn’t dine in the bistro area, on the way to the washroom, we passed it and saw heaps of young people on their laptops, possibly using the free WiFi while getting their afternoon coffee fix. So it’s definitely a tech friendly space for the very mobile, work-anywhere crowd, something that is quite rare in Italy.

La Ménagère coffee break time in Florence

Of course, our Creative Director had to end the meal with a customary espresso. We can’t wait to visit again, and it better be soon! Ci vediamo presto!

La Menagere, Via de’ Ginori 8r, Florence, Italy

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