More bad publicity for the neighbours of our Concept Studio

Goodness, the building that our #ConceptStudio is located has received bad publicity in the press, again, via the article on The Age newspaper‘s homepage “City’s shameful dog boxes” shown above. As usual, it’s got to do with the size of the studio apartments in the block.

Naturally, the student accommodation look and feel, decor of the original state of the studio apartments have made the building an easy target for the media to lament the poor state and standard of accommodation in Melbourne CBD. Below is an old article taking advantage of just that.

The Age - Micro living in the big city is not for everyone

Is that fair? How can the article present a two sided discussion when it hasn’t shown what we’ve done to the studio apartment with our #ConceptStudio?

Furthermore, in both articles, they mentioned that the studio apartment shown was 11 square metres. Someone didn’t do their fact check. We know that the studio apartments include a kitchenette, small corridor and ensuite shower room with toilet and they cover approximately 21 square metres each. Now the pity factor isn’t that strong anymore, isn’t it?

Of course, when the media makes the studio apartments look like drab living spaces – we don’t deny, the pictures in the articles really look like dog boxes in the sky – the articles induce pity for the residents/tenants and anger that such living conditions exist in beautiful, most liveable city status of Melbourne.

Don’t forget, we were faced with the same challenge as well, to make the small studio apartment liveable, just check out the Before shot on the left (which the media used a similar one in their article) and After shot of our #ConceptStudio. If the article used our After shot of our #ConceptStudio, it doesn’t look so pitiful now, right?

Here are more pictures of our #ConceptStudio, if the press used these pictures, the headline would be somewhat different, we think, like “Small apartments made more liveable and stylish by creatives”.

We challenge the press to come talk to us, so we can all stop slamming the pitiful small studio apartments. There are people like us and the owners of our #ConceptStudio that want to change and improve things. Please stop feeding the public bad news. Read the said article HERE

THE AGE website homepage Home@Flinders news article dog boxes in the sky 11 March 2016

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