Home brand done right: Collection Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche Paris

Yes, we keep harping on how the French capital gets retail right, and how it’s spot on when it comes to destination shopping, but can you blame us? Here’s another example by iconic Parisian department store Le Bon Marché.

Most shoppers see in-house or home brand products as generic brands, substitutes in design, quality and price for similar products of a premium or more established brand. Not the case for Le Bon Marché, with almost every in-house product they create. Case in point, have you ever been excited by an in house branded product by Myer or David Jones? Have you seen their in-house totes? Yawn.

The latest Collection Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche Paris really strikes the balance between on-trend design, desirability, practically and pricing while communicating their brand story and history. Most department stores when doing their own collections can’t even get one of these right.

Le Bon Marche Paris in house designer merchandise display

Firstly, the products are beautifully merchandised and displayed in the department store, that means you’ll get heaps of coverage on Instagram, that’s free publicity for them already, worldwide. Secondly, they’re really well priced, starting from $10 Euros.


We think another measure of the success of a department store’s in-house brand is the attractiveness of the products to both tourists and residents, as local residents will usually not be caught dead carrying or using anything that’s dull from a department store’s in-house brand. At one glance, we already know that the collection will do really well with tourists wanting a meaningful souvenir or memento from Paris, in addition to the ubiquitous steel Eiffel Tower.

We also know the department store holds a really special place in the hearts of Parisians, it exemplifies the flair that Parisians have with style and design and quality of life. And these products embody, so we know you’ll see the totes being carried around on the streets and on the Metro. High visibility on the streets for us always means commercial success. Alright, now who is kind enough to freight us that little pouch from Paris? S’il vous plaît?

Le Bon Marche Paris in house designer merchandise Corner

To learn more about the collection, visit http://magazine.lebonmarche.com/5587_collection-le-bon-marche-rive-gauche.html

To view all the products of the collection, visit http://www.lebonmarche.com/marques/le-bon-marche/cadeaux.html

All images from http://www.lebonmarche.com.

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