Jorge Viota Hairdressing: Small business, big on local community engagement

Social media has made it very interesting to do business, and more so for the small business. Small businesses may seem to fall short of the resources that big companies have to hire marketing teams with designated social media personnel, but even that doesn’t mean big companies do social media well. Small business can work social media effectively, which is how we discovered Jorge Viota Hairdressing, an independent salon on 455 Lygon Street in Brunswick East, through their exemplary efforts on social media to reach more consumers via local community engagement.

Let’s just say there was some liking of pictures, leaving of comments and good old courtesy at play. We won’t go into more detail exactly what Jorge the owner did to reach us on social media (it’s their competitive advantage) but what eventuated was a visit to their salon by our Creative Director, getting a haircut by Jorge himself, meeting Claudia, Jorge’s business and life partner as well as the rest of his hairdressing team.

Jorge Viota Hairdressing Lygon Street Brunswick East vintage barber chairs
Jorge (pictured below wielding the tools of his trade) was particular candid, he said he’s not worried about social media or marketing, he’s the old school kinda business owner that believes he should first and foremost deliver top service via his craft, and then positive word of mouth will happen organically on social media. Claudia on the other hand likes to try an inverse approach; why not create some positive engagement online via social media in order to drive interest in the salon and increase foot traffic, customer acquisition?

Jorge Viota Hairdressing Lygon Street Brunswick East Hard at work

Jorge Viota Hairdressing Lygon Street Brunswick East

Jorge Viota Hairdressing Lygon Street Brunswick East hair products on shelf

Jorge Viota Hairdressing Lygon Street Brunswick East Padre Coffee for customers
Clearly, Jorge and Claudia embody the two complementing sides/philosophies that go towards small business success. Rock solid in their foundations of business building – delivering quality service, promises kept – yet flexible in their mindset to try something new like social media. We’re not talking posting a few random pictures, tweets and randomly following a few people. We mean seriously strategising their social media efforts.

All we can say is we’ve not seen any hairdresser, in fact any small business of any kind in Melbourne, taking their social media engagement efforts as far as Jorge and Claudia have for the salon. Consider this post a by-product of their social media efforts, added online exposure, and we’re sure it won’t take long for other similar efforts like ours, positive reviews and word of mouth to pop up all over the internet and social media if they continue their good work.

This post is jointly brought to you by Ideas Dispenser and Jorge Viota Hairdressing. Pictures courtesy of Jorge Viota Hairdressing’s

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