Stromae’s “Carmen” video: Makes Twitter bird angrier than Angry Birds

We interrupt our usual schedule of posts to bring you something that’s genius in so many ways. We first heard the music of Belgian musician Stromae during our 2013 trip to Paris, his tracks “Papaoutai” and “Formidable” from his album Racine Carrée (pictured below) were on constant radio play and we were immediately hooked to his unique blend of electronic, latin, rap, hip hop influenced music sung in French. It was only much later did we realise how BIG a superstar he is. We’re not kidding, go search his news online.

Racine Carre Stromae Album cover

On 1 April 2015 and we can’t go pass that it’s April Fool’s day, Stromae released a new animated video for his track “Carmen” from the same album (shown below) that is nothing short of artistic brilliance for its social commentary on social media, and in this video, Twitter. His lyrics, coupled with the bold and unapologetic imagery make this video the most thought provoking thing we’ve seen about social media over all those mundane, overused and contrived “10 ways to improve your social media…” or “5 tips to get more followers” or “How to improve your online content…” type social media marketing articles that are being retweeted, favourited left right centre on Twitter.

There are so many layers of meaning, criticism spread into the video. You can choose to read the symbolism in so many ways; President Obama and Queen Elizabeth II get spoofed, and that scene close to the end, the monster Twitter bird is depicted like the Alien Queen Mother of the Sigourney Weaver movie franchise.

Whatever way you choose to interpret the video, love it or hate it, trust us; watch this, have a really good laugh at social media, yourself and everyone else and detox your brain from all the drudgery of marketing tips, advice, insights masquerading as must-read information.

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