Fantastic Frank: The name says it all

Ever since we got involved in the studio apartment project 268 Flinders Street Melbourne which has now come to be known as the Ideas Dispenser Concept Studio, we’ve come to understand that marketing a property for rent or for sale boils down to look and feel. We’ve mentioned our frustration before how real estate companies can use drab pictures showing messy or just dull interiors to promote their properties, thereby attracting (shock shock horror!!) renters or buyers that are equally messy or dull, the kind who don’t see the true value of a property and therefore not pay top dollar. It’s really not acceptable.

If you think we’ve got abnormally high standards, then you better look at what a real estate company in Germany, Fantastic Frank does for the properties they market. Fantastic is an understatement of their work. They’ve got magazine quality pics on their website (shown below), styled and staged to Instagram-worthy perfection with huge doses of character and personality to unlock the maximum potential of the apartments. Hey, “it’s mere look and feel”, you may think, but then you don’t understand the concept of desirability. Desirability for potential buyers and renters means “I WANT TO LIVE THERE”, and they’ll pay almost anything to get it.

Fantastic Frank website screen shot

Fantastic Frank apartment lounge styling staging room
Seriously, Australian real estate companies as well as property/building managers better pick up their game and start to understand home and interiors trends in the way that they market their properties. There is a better way of doing things, in marketing properties that can help to combat the tough property market in Australia; others are doing it overseas already. We don’t want to get left behind which is why we’ve refurbished, restyled and rebranded our Ideas Dispenser Concept Studio ; it’s miles, miles away from the standard of Fantastic Frank but we’ll continue to improve it. Now, real estate agents in Oz, do you want to get left behind?

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