Anyone can publish online, but nothing beats published work in print

In this age where it’s so commonplace for people to self-publish their writing online via blogs and social media, we have to admit that it feels more special and more of a big deal, seeing our writing published in print. The satisfaction comes from the fact that a very experienced magazine editor has deemed our writing worthy enough to print in a tangible and physical copy of publication with our own byline, and has a commercial value that deserves to be paid by per article or per word.

Someone can write and ramble online and may get millions of visits, but essentially, the visitors are not forking out money to read online; it’s free online content. With published books, you have to go buy a copy.  This is why when online bloggers secure book publishing deals, it’s a really big deal, because publishing houses don’t just go publish books for every blogger out there, just because they exist. Likewise, we can bet there is only a small pool of marketers that can claim the added title of freelance editorial writers, who have burst out from behind the anonymous marketing copy that he or she has done for some big corporate multinational, to say “hey, this is me; this is my writing”.

Style Men Magazine Make it work Alvin Chia writer work attire corporate dress

So for those that write us off, (trust us, we’ve met people like that) they’re missing out on this competitive edge over a lot of marketers, and our clients always benefit from our multi-faceted marketing and writing experience. Here’s one more published editorial piece by our Creative Director. Read the above article HERE.

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