Lessons from the ck Calvin Klein styling workshop

Yes, we had the opportunity to do an in-store styling workshop with ck Calvin Klein in Singapore, but instead of sharing how fun and glamourous the event was, we would like to share an incident that happened behind the scenes.



We had a scream fest on the phone with someone who wanted to attend the event, even though we had notified everyone who we couldn’t fit in, this person included, that the event was maxed out.

The person screamed abuse and threats on the phone for about half an hour, despite us trying to reason with him. We stood our ground, no means no, and we knew our rights against abusive customers, so we ended the call by saying we would contact him by the end of the day after consulting with the event management.

Thankfully, one of the confirmed attendees contacted us to say he had to go overseas at the last minute, so he couldn’t attend the event. As a result, we managed to fit the irate customer into the event, but on our terms and not by yielding to his abuse before.


Lesson learnt here is, the customer isn’t always right. As marketers we also need to protect the interests of the company, not just the customer. So don’t be afraid to say no to a customer when you’re right. We did meet the irate customer at the event, and let’s say, no hard feelings, only hard decisions about buying that blue outfit worn by the model above!

P.S. Many thanks to Jerome the stylist shown above for being such an engaging presenter and host. It was an absolute blast working with you. We don’t know many stylists who would stay after the event to chat more with the attendees and take a genuine interests in the style pursuits of others. Ideas Dispenser

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