Did Bingle bungle up their brand?

Would you go with a car insurance company that reminds you of the last thing you want to happen to your car: accidents? Bingle Car Insurance recently launched their new brand tagline that says “It’s no accident we’re cheaper”.

We don’t like to be overly critical of our marketing peers because it’s clear that many ideas and decisions have come together at Bingle HQ to approve this new tagline but we think this one phrase may cause their brand to crash and burn. Because car owners want peace of mind and cheap insurance, so there’s really no value, apart from being cheeky, that they’ve used the word “accident” in their tagline. They could’ve just dropped “accident” and gone with “We’re cheaper” and their customers will get their value proposition.

So do you think they’ve achieved cool notoriety with their new tagline and made their customers have a bit of a laugh, or do you think they’ve taken the joke a  bit too far? For us, car accidents are never a laughing matter because lives can be lost, so we think the joke is really on them.

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