Monocle: The way to build brand extensions

You already know that we love Monocle magazine, as we’ve previously done a post about this publication by Tyler Brule. But we also love how the magazine has created a range of merchandise and collaborations that take the Monocle brand name beyond that of just a magazine. Call them brand extensions, secondary lines or just related merchandise, they’ve already had successful product collaborations with Comme des Garcon, Porter, Blackberry, Valextra etc. Beyond being quality products that embody the quality of journalism in their publication, the reason why these products are so successful is because they’re simply desirable. Check out their shop’s website to start salivating.

We’ve recently received their Body Soap from their Hong Kong pop-up store as an early Christmas gift and we were really impressed by its quality and its packaging. Honestly, how many brands you know can do a magazine and a shower gel as well as they do?

Smells like tree spirit: Fragranced with Sugi, otherwise known as Japanese Cedar, it does smell like “a Swedish Summer house mixed with a steamy onsen”, the blurb given to the product in their magazine

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