“I didn’t order a laundry bag for dessert”

Looking at the picture below, you must be wondering what in the world is the ubiquitous  foldable laundry bag doing at each table in this restaurant? We were wondering too when we got seated at our table in this popular dumpling restaurant in Singapore.

We were then told by our Singaporean counterparts that they’re meant for our bags, to prevent people from using an empty chair or requesting for an additional chair to place their bags. If that’s the case, couldn’t the designer of these “bag chairs” come up with something that resemble less of a laundry bag instead? It’s odd because we definitely didn’t bring our dirty laundry with us for dinner. Clearly a case where an idea needs a better design or execution.

P.S. The folded brown cloth on these bag chairs is meant to cover and conceal your belongings from prying eyes and sauce spills. You should be shaking your head right now.

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  1. how peculiar! my mum just gave me one of these fancy handbag holders to solve the issue instead



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