Singapore scores at retail marketing

One can describe the relationship between marketers and consumers in Singapore as a love affair, because whatever the marketers are doing, it’s making consumers buy and spend. Really, that kind of relationship is a marketer’s wet dream. We reveal some of the factors that foster such a relationship.

  1. Consumers are well trained to shop, spend and buy because shopping is a national pastime. It’s part of their national psyche.
  2. Shopping malls are the norm in Singapore, so marketers there have tried and tested everything over the years and know what works to drive traffic and sales in the shopping mall environment.
  3. Singapore’s location as a gateway to Europe, China and Japan and as a business base for many multinationals mean that marketers there are better positioned to absorb and adapt quickly to the latest marketing trends and ideas coming from the world.
  4. The Singaporean consumer is usually perceived as an adventurous one, willing to try the latest from anywhere in the world. Singapore doesn’t suffer from the complex like some countries do where people are encouraged to only buy local products to protect the domestic market. On the contrary, Singaporeans may even prefer to buy non-Singaporean products for the novelty factor (as the Made in Singapore label doesn’t resonant with the locals, as yet). So marketers know that the latest, newest, loudest, flashiest products will be well received even with very little marketing.

During our posting to Singapore, we found the below page in a catalogue that was inserted into an issue of Elle Singapore for shopping mall Wisma Atria. We think the “free cab ride home after your shopping trip” exemplifies how intuitive marketers are to the needs of the Singaporean consumer, it’s almost like they’ve stepped into the shoes (even if they’re worn out from shopping) of the Singaporean consumer to come up with marketing ideas. How can shoppers not feel the love?

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