Famous Japanese $2 shop opens in Melbourne

While we’re in Singapore, one indispensable stop has got to be Daiso, the Japanese $2 shop retailer that has become a household name for superb value in Singapore since its launch a couple of years ago. We can’t get enough of the fact that they sell everything under the sun and under the $2 price tag. And they change their product range regularly too, so everytime we visit Singapore and pop into their store, we always find something new, cool and just must-have.

The Daiso store at Ion Shopping Mall, Orchard Road Singapore

Imagine our excitement when we’ve gotten news that Daiso has opened its first store in Melbourne on 28 October 2010. Even though everything is going at $2.80, we think it’s a small price to pay to have Daiso right in our Aussie backyard. If you’re going to check out their Melbourne store, here are our

Top 10 things to get from Daiso:

  1. Minimalist white soap dispenser bottles to beautify any bathroom
  2. Light and easy to install photo frames in assorted sizes and colours
  3. White vintage-style enamel cups with white rim
  4. Clip-on sunglasses if you’re into 80s fashion
  5. Assorted nylon and fabric drawstring bags, perfect for storing toiletries in your suitcase
  6. Cute and kitschy mobile phone straps
  7. Men’s socks in assorted colours and designs
  8. Wet tissue dispensers shaped like mini drink cans
  9. Assorted no-brand japanese toiletries for women and men, from facial cleansers, masks and shampoos that work
  10. Their huge range of office stationery, from paper, envelopes, in-trays to portable zip-up laptop bags, they’ve got it.

Daiso Melbourne is located at Shop 23, 313 Victoria Street Abbotsford.

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  1. no. 1 checked
    no. 3 checked
    no. 5 checked
    no. 9 checked
    no. 10 checked

    i am a true blue Daiso fan!


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