Is design getting too clever?

Or have people lost the use of common sense? We’ve heard a story (more like a joke) that points to the latter. We’ve talked about the Hookturn Industries portable coffee cup before and we absolutely love it so we recommended it to a friend to get it. We just heard that while using it at her workplace, her cleaning lady took it for an actual disposable cardboard coffee cup and threw it out.

This incident is so funny on so many levels that we don’t know where to start. Why don’t you kickstart the round of laughs by telling us what you think?

Our pick for coolest reusable coffee cup by Hookturn Industries

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  1. i am the person who had the misfortune whose cleaning lady threw her precious BYO coffee cup out. totally confounds me how she could have mistook a silicon cup for a cardboard one. my new found zest for saving the earth was prematurely doused by her utter lack of common sense… and the worse part is when i made her retrieve it from the trash, she seemed genuinely pissed for me wanting to retrieve junk!

    i want my coffee cup!


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