“I can’t believe it’s paper”

We’ve always been a big fan of paper (see our earlier post on paper pop up books) that’s why it’s such a delight to see the medium taking on the art installation world with Carly Fischer’s exhibition I heard it from my friends about the things you said at Helen Gory Gallerie.

No ordinary milk crates here, but paper and foamcore sculptures by Carly Fischer

Fischer, originally from Melbourne but now based in Berlin, has created life-size and miniature scupltures that re-present commonplace sights in the backlanes of houses, empty carparks, supermarket and op shop loading bays of discarded objects using paper as the main material.

The realism and familiarity of her installations really point to the power of paper to “stuff around with your mind”. They look like the real thing but more cleaned up as if in a cartoon world.

So the next time we work with paper, we won’t be thinking about the paper cuts, but how it still has cut through.

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