The Repeated Success Story of the Sandro Paris cardigans

We’ve previously posted The Success Story of the Sandro Paris Iconic Cardigans, how the Parisian brand founded in 1984 has really cemented its status globally as the TOP brand for iconic cardigans, like their highly recognisable houndstooth Jisou and Dane cardigans of recent collections.

We’ve just seen the new design cardigans in their Fall Winter 2021 collection and OMG there are already icons in the making, designs that people will still be talking about for years beyond. We’ve rounded up our favourites below, there’s a preppy one, an urban edgy one, a pastel cutie pie one, the reworked Parisian chic one, there’s the hippy flower power patterned one, there’s the Dead Poets Society retro school teacher one, go take your pick/s.

This kind of fashion design confidence is usually only displayed by the top, luxury fashion houses, the double Cs, the double Gs, you know what brands we’re talking about. For a brand like Sandro Paris to grasp and then execute a clothing category with such confidence, finesse simply guarantees commercial success for them as a fashion brand.

Just check out these new collection cardigans at the Chadstone boutique if you’re in Melbourne, we’re sure to bump into you there.

Images courtesy of Sandro Paris


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