Reminiscing Rome during a Travel Ban

Let’s be honest, we’re not loving being based in Melbourne right now. Australia has shut its borders since March 2020, making travel in and out of Australia very difficult and expensive. Travel is inherent in many of the projects and collaborations that we do, therefore to restrict our ability to travel out of Melbourne, greatly affects the breadth and quality of our projects. Frustrating is an understatement, and our Creative Director feels it the most as he flies between Melbourne, Singapore and Europe many times a year.

Which brings us to this post, let’s call it a trip down memory lane, specifically the cobblestone streets of Rome. We may not be able to return to Rome with our Creative Director, but his past travels have given us a lot of snaps to continue to inspire us AND remind us, all roads lead (back) to Rome, after this travel ban ends. Here are some unpublished pictures, of little and big things, of small details and awesome grandeur.

The Little Details

The ubiquitous little water drinking fountain
The little vintage Fiat 500
The little quirky pot hole windows
The familiar little Tabacchi kiosk found everywhere
The little details of the lift and stairwell of a Roman apartment block
The marble counter top of an old school cafe aka un bar

The old school signage lining the streets of Rome

Our Creative Director on the streets of Castro Pretorio

The Local Residential Sights

The beautifully paved path towards a courtyard of an apartment block
The rather grand entrance at the lobby of an apartment block in Castro Pretorio
Balconies that look like spaceships waiting to take flight
More apartment blocks at Castro Pretorio, close to Roma Termini
Our Creative Director enjoying his room with a view or rather a balcony


La Grande Bellezza – The Grand Beauty

The Spanish Steps aka Piazza di Spagna
The human magnet that is the Spanish Steps and the street ahead, Via dei Condutti
Who doesn’t pass through Roma Termini when in Rome?
The Castro Pretorio side of Roma Termini, all symmetry, all imposing grandeur
Can’t get any more ancient grandeur than The Pantheon
Oops, forgot about the Colosseum, that’s equally ancient
The Spanish Steps from below looking up
The Trevi fountain on a good sunny day
Our Creative Director in front of his favourite Roman landmark of all time.


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