Sandro Paris Fall/Winter Collection 2019 at Chadstone

How can anyone not know the brand Sandro Paris, or even worst, not know that it’s a French brand? (hello, Paris is printed below its name on all its branding) It’s beyond our comprehension. Especially when they’ve been churning out one of the most stylish and wearable pieces that we’ve seen from our all travels around the world’s fashion capitals like Paris and Milan.

That sort of sets the tone for our introduction to the Sandro Paris Fall/Winter 2019 collection Look Book below. Our dear fashionable female readers, you’ll be spoilt for choice and inspiration.

The clothes, especially when superbly styled, are always edgy, confident and makes the wearer look and feel like an individual, this is a huge advantage, unique proposition for the brand in today’s world of same-same, everybody everywhere looks the same. The below picture from the look book exemplifies this point.

For Fall/Winter 2019, there is an abundance of warm, earthy tones with a touch of brazen with the leopard print and burnt orange in their clothes. Not the safest colours, one may say, but hey, in fashion who wants to be safe?

Now let’s look at the details. There is fringing, there are unusually high slits, their classic lace treatment, ruffles, pleating, ribbing, studs and embellishment, checks and a dose of vintage. When styled in a particularly Parisian way, you have a range that will be very commercially successful, because EVERYONE wants to dress like a Parisian. And many are prepared to pay heaps to achieve that goal, that’s why all the high end luxury Parisian brands are doing so well, they all sell a slice of Parisian chic to a global market so hungry for it, they don’t only want a slice, they want the whole cake.

Fair enough, Sandro Paris isn’t at high street prices, but for the quality and design, many of their loyal fans and customers know, it’s great value because their clothes simply withstand the test of time, the tide of trends. The team at Sandro Paris Chadstone always tell us, it’s very common for their customers to say that they still get compliments for a Sandro dress that they’ve bought like years or seasons ago. That they still look very fresh and current.

So the main question now is, what should YOU buy?

#1 – Let’s start with their standout blazers, the one below is a good start. Even better, buy one in a size larger and rock the oversized silhouette that’s the rage with fashion insiders. Skinny is so 10 years ago, stop complaining about it’s not tight, fitted here, there and everywhere.

#2 – Jumpers and knits, they do some designs that are great for mixing and matching, whether your style is elegant, dressy or street and edgy.

#3 – Midi dresses, you can’t beat their longer dresses to make a statement. Shorter dresses are great, but let the young ones flaunt them. You should go longer, go the distance. AND STOP the excuses. Whether you’re tall or not so tall, anyone can wear longer dresses. Firstly, haven’t you heard of heels or platform shoes? Secondly, it’s a dress, not a life and death situation. Love it, buy it and enjoy it. It’s fashion, have fun with it!

#4 – Suit up, whether it’s one with shorts or pants, suits are no longer the domain of the boardroom. These images below will show, women can wear the trousers (and the matching jacket) and work it with much more sass than men.

Here are a few more outfits that wrap the Look Book.

So head on down to the Sandro Paris boutique at Chadstone, we’re good friends with the team there. Try on, buy and let your outfits go crazy on social media with the hashtags #chadstone and #sandroparis.

We want to thank the Sandro Paris team at Chadstone. Images courtesy of Sandro Paris

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