Sights around Piazza Vittorio, Rome and Street Style, of course

We’ve previously posted about the roman suburb of Esquilino as it’s the base of our Creative Director whenever he travels to the Italian capital of Rome. Undoubtedly, the heart of the suburb is Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II, affectionately called Piazza Vittorio the the locals.

Piazza Vittorio is located not far away from another landmark, the train station Roma Termini, and is flanked on all four sides by heritage buildings and apartment blocks with high porticoes in the 19th-century style, more typical of architecture in Northern Italy. In the centre of the piazza is a garden with some really tall and old palm trees, shrubs, hedges and some Roman remains. And when we mean garden, it’s not the immaculate Parc Monceau kind in Paris; it’s Rome, and in a working class suburb like Esquilino, expect the garden to be a little worn around the edges.

It also has a basketball court where local kids and teenagers play, and in general it’s a meeting point where you’ll see a lot of the local elderly folk sitting on benches or just having a leisurely stroll. None of the hustle or bustle like other more touristy parts of Rome.

We thought we’ll use this post to share with everyone the sights around Piazza Vittorio, the architecture (some are actually quite grand and imposing), the local sights such as the neighbourhood kiosks, streets and quirky doorways, plus a few street style snaps of our Creative Director.

Outfit details: Vintage Coat, ASOS top, H&M jeans, Costume National loafers, Trussardi pouch

Rome Esquilino street style Prada waist pouch
Outfit details: Vintage blazer from MAS, H&M jeans, Prada waist pouch.

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